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Strange beginnings for a tale, but this is about Hollywood. Great movie, and a groundbreaker for it's time. Noirish in its delivery. Director Billy Wilder delivers. William Holden is great. Gloria Swanson is over the top in a disturbingly good comeback role. Other once big Hollywood actors and directors abound, such as Erich von Stroheim, Cecil B. DeMille, Hedda Hopper, H. B. Warner, and even Buster Keaton (sadly many of the following generations will not recognize them).
Lust, greed, money, betrayal, fame and murder: they are all there.
Reminds me of the big Hollywood sign that overlooks the city where dreams of stardom are sought and gambled on. If you ever look closely at the sign, with its graffiti and garbage nearby, it is sort of analogous to the tragedy that has played out thousands of times over, where the dreams are not quite what they seem at a closer glance.
This film, perhaps apocryphal, is just one of those tales. Recommended highly!

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