ZODIAC: The Complete Series


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Astrology is strictly for the birds. That's the emphatic view of David Gradley, a work-shy ex-Harrovian who has drifted into the police force. Then he meets a pretty young astrologer called Esther Jones - and his ideas get knocked for six!Created by Roger Marshall (The Avengers, Public Eye, The Sweeney), this light-hearted thriller series became a cult piece of escapism for viewers during its six-week stay on British television and has become a much sought-after series by collectors - largely due to its novel premise of the groovy '70s culture clash between the Thin Blue Line and the Age of Aquarius!Anouska Hempel (UFO) stars as Esther, opposite Anton Rodgers (Fresh Fields, The Prisoner) as the coolly methodical Detective Inspector Gradley. Michael Gambon, Peter Egan, Joanna David, Ian Ogilvy, Robert Powell and Peter Vaughan are among a host of guest stars also appearing in this popular and memorably quirky series from Thames, originally screened in 1974.

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