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Three rare 1950s science-fiction specials. The first is a whopper! Based on Richard Matheson's "Shipshape Home," YOUNG COUPLES ONLY was telecast as part of an anthology in 1955 and stars Peter Lorre, Bill Williams and Barbara Hale with a twist ending that is a knock-out. In fact, had this not been done on the program, Matheson would certainly have used this for THE TWILIGHT ZONE. WAY STATIONS IN SPACE (1960) is an educational films that explains how Earth-orbiting space platforms and lunar bases will serve a key role in the exploration of our solar system. Finally, there is an hour-long unaired TV pilot titled DESTINATION SPACE (1959) that was meant to cash in on the success of ZIV's MEN INTO SPACE series, with John Agar and Harry Towne who are in charge of a giant space station.

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