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Starring Stewart Granger, Karin Dor, Adolfo Deli, Klaus Kinski, Curd Jurgens, and Rupert Davies. On a commercial flight to Montenegro, an F.B.I. man, James Vine, notices a fellow passenger, an attractive 25-year old woman named Sandra Perkins. But he also notices subtle attempts from the part of the flight attendant to slip a poison pill into the passenger's drink. James Vine spills her drink and saves her life. However, the G-man finds it strange that all members of the flight crew leave the cockpit and head to the rear section of the plane. Minutes later, 4 parachutes are seen opening outside the aircraft. James realizes the crew bailed-out of the plane, leaving the aircraft on auto-pilot. James rushes to the cockpit to find it empty. He explains to Sandra that an attempt is being made on her life and that he will try to fly the aircraft himself, recalling his wartime pilot training.

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