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Stars Richard Bird and Nancy Burne. An entertaining thriller!  Richard Bird plays a crime reporter who has a drink problem, now there's a novelty. He is reprimanded by his boss who wants more news. Bird fancies the paper owner's daughter, Nancy Burne. Unfortunately his feelings are not reciprocated as she is in love with a very young looking Edward Underdown. They all end up in a nightclub in Soho. Underdown gets very drunk and ends up at the flat of the eponymous Miss Warren, Diana Napier. It is quite clear that Napier wants him to study more than her etchings. Underdown refuses to make love to her, so Napier threatens to blackmail him. The light is turned off, there is a scuffle and a bang. The next we know Birds' paper has come out with an exclusive on the murder of Warren. Underdown is the natural suspect. He is arrested and sent for trial.

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