MYSTERIOUS AIRMAN, THE (1929 cliffhanger)


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The 1928 silent serial THE MYSTERIOUS AIRMAN, a ten-part “Super Chapterplay of the Air,” was considered a lost film until a 35mm nitrate tinted print was discovered and subsequently restored for this DVD release. It heralds an important rediscovery in film history, as few silent serials exist today in anything resembling complete form, much less in lovely tinted original print quality. The story deals with an inventor who adds new innovations to an air company’s planes, prompting the owners of a rival company to set out to steal them. The stakes are sky-high as an airman and an aviatrix find themselves in constant peril, both on earth and above the clouds. It’s a fun, light-hearted cliffhanger that shows the joys of Saturday Matinee moviegoing and what could be done on less-than-spectacular budgets as well as illustrating the early days of flying, seat of your pants filmmaking from the seat of your pants days of Aviation. Written by famed mystery novelist Arthur B. Reeve, “The Mysterious Airman” is “the thriller of his career” -- Watertown [NY] Daily Times SPECIAL FEATURES: Musical score by Andrew Earle Simpson; Full length commentary by Richard M Roberts; Short subject, "Flying Cadets" (1928); New York Censor Board File; Original lobby cards and posters.

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