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This DVD include two of the Hal Roach streamliners. What is a streamliner, you might ask? The studio wanted to produce shorter-length movies but nothing like the two-reel comedies they were famous for. So for budgetary purposes they produced 40 and 50 minute mini-movies and often with the same cast playing the same characters. In this series, about two good friends in Brooklyn, William Bendix stars as Timothy McGuerin, and Grace Bradley plays the role of Sadie McGuerin. Produced in the 1940s, this series of cute comedies is worth watching... especially if you enjoyed his later LIFE OF RILEY series. The movies on this DVD are TWO MUGS FROM BROOKLYN (1942, also known as THE McGUERINS FROM BROOKLYN) and TWO KNIGHTS FROM BROOKLYN (1942, also known as BROOKLYN ORCHID). This second one referenced was Bendix's second movie and the first that credited him on the screen.


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