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The fourth installment of the Teenagers film series with Noel Neill in the cast. Spade Cooley and his orchestra supply the musical entertainment in this movie. Miss Hinklefink (Belle Mitchell) inherits a western ranch and, in order to spend the summer with Professor Owen Townley (Milton Kibbee), she invites students Freddie Trimball (Freddie Stewart), Dodie Rogers (June Preisser, Betty Rogers (Noel Neill), Lee Watson (Warren Mills) and Roy Donne (Frankie Darro( to spend their vacation on the ranch if Townley will help chaperon the kids. Real estate agent Tom Sneed (Hugh Prosser') tries to persuade her to send the kids home when desperadoes rob the bank. In the saloon, Sneed's henchman Charlie (Terry Frost) mistakes Freddie for a baby-faced killer, who was blamed for a murder actually committed by Sneed, and ranch foreman Big Jim (John Hart), also working for Sneed, tries to kill Freddie.


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