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Bald-pated, Hollywood comedy star best remembered for his two-reelers for two decads from 1933, Leon Errol comedies are very enjoyable and hilariously funny. This seven disc set includes the following 28 comedy shorts: One Live Ghost (1936) with Lucille Ball, Wedtime Story (1943), Girls, Girls, Girls (1944), Bested by a Beard (1940), Rented Riot (1937) with Jack Carson, His Pest Friend (1938), Radio Runaround (1943) with Wally Brown, Beware of Redheads (1945), Should Wives Work? (1937) nominated for an Academy Award, Major Difficulties (1938), Let's Go Stepping (1945), I'll Take Milk (1946), Counselitis (1935), Moving Vanities (1938) with Eddie Gribbon, Borrowed Blondes (1947), Sweet Cheat (1949), Down the Ribber (1936), Wrong Room (1939) with Veronica Lake, Wife Tames Wolf (1947), High and Dizzy (1950) with Willie Best, Twin Husbands (1946), Pretty Dolly (1942), Oil's Well That Ends Well (1949), Bet Your Life (1948), Lord Epping Returns (1951), Bested by a Beard (1940), Man-I-Cursed (1941) and The Dummy Owner (1938).

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