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This collection of rare footage originates from the original masters! The untimely death of George Reeves caused the producers to create pilots for spin-off series that sadly, never went any further than the footage contained in this DVD. SUPERBOY (1961) "The Rajah's Ransom" a teenage rendition of the classic Superman TV show. SUPERBOY SCREEN TESTS (1960-1961) Women compete for the Lona Lang role! THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERPUP (1958) midgets in dog costumes play the roles! SUPERMAN COMMERCIALS (1954-1957) Not one or two, but 12 Kellogg's commercials with George Reeves as Clark Kent selling cereal! STAMP DAY FOR SUPERMAN (1952) rare promo film with the TV cast selling Government Savings and Stamps. Plus a 1942 Superman animated cartoon spoof of Superman!

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