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Master of the slow burn, Edgar Kennedy was the foil of many stooges including the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy. This eight disc set contains 32 comedy classics which Edgar Kennedy was the star of his own series. Includes: I'll Build It Myself (1946), Beaux and Errors (1938), Hold Your Temper (1943), Good House Wrecking (1933), Love on a Ladder (1934), False Roomers (1938), Quiet Fourth (1941), Feather Your Nest (1944), The In-Laws Are Out (1934), Wrong Direction (1933), Fish Feathers (1932), Bad Housekeeping (1937), Edgar Hamlet (1935), Ears of Experience (1938), Dumbs the Word (1937), Drafted in a Depot (1940), Motor Maniacs (1946), Two for the Money (1942), Tramp Trouble (1937), Maid to Order (1939), Duck Soup (1942), What, No Cigarettes? (1945), Wall Street Blues (1946), Radio Rampage (1944), Indian Signs (1939), It's Your Move (1945), Baby Daze (1939), Do or Diet (1947), Taint Legal (1940), Rough on Rents (1942) and Help Wanted, Female (1931).

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