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In the early 1930's, Mickey Mouse was the king of cartoons and every studio attempted to capture some of the same success. The Van Beuren Studio chose Cubby Bear, who appeared in 20 cartoons between 1933 and 1934. Created by studio animator Mannie Davis, these charming cartoons are among the best ever produced at the short lived studio (it closed in 1936). They feature surreal gags, crazy animation and great jazzy soundtracks!

Presented here are all 20 Cubby Bear cartoons (the entire series assembled for the first time), Including two produced by the Harman/ Ising studio, and one by Harman/ Ising that was never released. Opening Night (1933), Love's Labor Won! (1933), The Last Mail (1933), Bubbles and Troubles (1933), Barking Dogs (1933), Indian Whoopie (1933), Fresh Ham (1933), The Nut Factory (1933), Cubby's World Flight (1933), Cubby's Picnic (1933), The Gay Gaucho (1933), Galloping Fanny (1933), Croon Crazy (1933), Sinister Stuff (1934), Good Night (1934), How's Crops? (1934), Cubby's Stratosphere Flight (1934), Mild Cargo (1934), Fiddlin' Fun (1934) and Mischievous Mice (unreleased, 1934).

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