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Crusader Rabbit has the honor of being the first animated program on television, ever. Prior to 1949, cartoons in America were only shown in theaters. After the news reels, children were treated to the infamous Merry Melodies, Disney, and other big studio cartoons.

Crusader Rabbit was the story of a courageous rabbit and his best friend, Ronald T. "Rags" Tiger. Each week they would go on random adventures in some exotic locations. Unfortunately their adventures always seemed to be fumbled by the evil villain Dudley Nightshade, who reminiscent of classic Hollywood bad guys (handlebar mustache, top hat, ect.). While overcoming obstacles, Crusader Rabbit and Rags meet a whole cast of new friends, from birds to two-headed dragons.  This multi-DVD set includes the very first episode/adventure of the series, “Crusader Rabbit versus the State of Texas.”

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