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This seven disc set actually contains 21 Jungle pictures, the last three are listed on the back of the case as "bonus." Includes such classics as THE WHITE GORILLA (1945 with Ray "Crash" Corrigan), SABAKA (1953 with Boris Karloff), TIGER FANGS (1943 with Frank Buck), WHITE PONGO (1945), SWAMP FIRE (1946 with Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe), NABONGA (1943 with Buster Crabbe), THE SAVAGE GIRL (1932), SWAMP WOMEN (1956 with Beverly Garland), QUEE OF THE AMAZONS (1946), LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS (1959), WILD WOMEN OF WONGO (1959), BLONDE SAVAGE (1947), BIRD OF PARADISE (1932), PICTURE BRIDES (1934), ISLAND CAPTIVES (1934), THE JUNGLE BOOK (1942), GOW, THE KILLER (1929), HELL'S HEADQUARTERS (1932), MONSOON (1943 with Sidney Toler), JUNGLE BRIDE (1933 with Charles Starrett) and FORBIDDEN JUNGLE (1950).

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