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Hickok rode Buckshot and 300-pound Jingles rode Joker. Jingles described Hickok as "the bravest, Strongest, fightingest U.S. Marshal in the whole West." And that's about it: he beat up all the bad guys and somehow kept his good looks. Telecast from 1951 to 1958, this long-running children's program starred Guy Madison and Andy Devine as Wild Bill and Jingles. The first few seasons were shot in black and white and the final few seasons were shot in color. This is why half of the episodes are available in black and white, and the other half in color. (Trivia: Wild Bill Hickok's horse was named "Buckshot".) This seven-disc set contains the following 28 half-hour episodes: Blind Alley, Counterfeit Ghost, Monkey Shines, The Gatling Gun, the Old Partner Rides Again, The Mountain Men, Monster in the Lake, Sheriff of Buckeye, To the Highest Bidder, Jingles, the Baby Sitter, The Boy and his Hound Dog, The Tax Collector, The Lumber Camp, The Indian Pony Express, A Close Shave for the Marshal, Marvin's Mix-Up, The Young Witness, Outlaw Flats, Outlaw's Portrait, The Yellow-Haired Kid, The Old Timer, The Fortune Teller, The Old Man, The Great Obstacle Race, Steam Wagon, The Good Indian, Spurs for Johnny, and Meteor Mesa.

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