REJECTED WOMAN (1924, Bela Lugosi)


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Actress Alma Rubens always gave a great performance but never received a huge-star-billed contract from any movie studio. She died young and squandered her life away with heroin. She worked with competent but uninspired people, like the director of this movie, Albert Parker. Yet, in this rather commonplace melodrama of a backwoods girls who falls in love with a rich, spoiled man, we see how talented she is among a backdrop of petty performances. The role of Jean Gagnon is played by a young Bela Lugosi, the major reason why people want to watch the movie today... not because of Rubens. Sadly, the picture quality is not up to par and looks great on a small screen but terrible on a HUGE screen. This is why we put it on the liquidation clearance page. Thankfully, we only bought half a dozen for stock. Sold on a first come, first serve warning. A must-have for all Bela Lugosi fans.

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